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Downtime and status Therefore we decided to move the site to a different datacenter last Saturday, The move was very simple, but after we making the move we discovered that we needed to make some changes to the site's codebase to account for a newer PHP version on the new host. The script that powers the site is fromwhich in internet terms is very old.

Over the years we have made changes to the codebase to protect against SQL injections and other security hazards, but we haven't been able to move the site to a newer system. If you've been a long time user of the site you know that we've been talking about "version 2. But developing it takes time and resources and while one member of the team is a world-class web developer, he can only justify doing so many hours for free.

The downtime that we had from Saturday to Monday was because we had to move hosts because of financial reasons. The new host had a newer version of PHP than the old host had which required our web developer to spend a few hours updating the legacy code to work on the newer PHP version. Had we been on a new system like WordPress the WordPress project would have taken care of that change for us.

As of this writing everything should work, apart from the search feature, which still needs a bit of work. We will update this text with more information as it becomes available. Update: The search feature has now been fixed. Privacy We know that we haven't updated the content in quite a while and hope that you will be patient while we get the new version of the site ready. We have, however, been busy and have now removed the 3rd party analytics tracking module we have been using for the last few years and gone back to using our own solution.

Enforcing HTTPS means that while your internet service provider can see that you visited the site, they cannot see what content you accessed and by removing the 3rd party analytics only we can see what pages our visitors are browsing, not a thirds party that might use it as a data point to deliver ads on other sites you visit.

We could write a lot more about the technical details of this change, but it would probably not be very interesting to our average visitor. If you want to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact us via the form.

Update The FTP upload was the way we accepted uploads but there were a few issues with it: The uploads often couldn't be traced back to the uploader, forcing us to use a lot of time to figure out what had been uploaded when people didn't also upload text information about the talk.Theme: 'Spring Into Doors open Event Type: Convention Date: 18 April Theme: 'A Beautiful Journey'.

Al-Anon participation. Event Type: Convention Date: 25 April Ticket information; gtaylor hotmail. Theme: 'Spiritual Experience'. Registration from 9. Convention AA and Al-Anon speakers. For Details: convention somersetaa. Event Type: Convention Date: 26 April Registration from 9am.

Convention 10am-4pm. Details; convention somersetaa.

aa speakers uk

Event Type: Convention Date: 01 May After much discussion and consideration of the present Covid situation and current guidance and information from both the UK Government and Scottish Parliament, it is with much regret that the Committee has taken the decision to cancel The Scottish National Convention which was due to be held in Stirling 8 - 10th May, This decision has not been taken lightly and was based first and foremost on the welfare of our members.

As a committee we have worked hard the past year to ensure the continued success of this amazing Convention and, with the permission of the 5 sponsoring Scottish Regions, we will do so again over the months to come to continue the success of the Convention in Neither Alcoholics Anonymous or the Scottish National Convention Committee can refund any payments made to Stirling Court Hotel by individuals and advise you contact the Hotel directly.

Caroline G Chair convention. Event Type: Convention Date: 08 May With Al-Anon and Al-Ateen participation.

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Al anon participation. Keep it simple?. Finishes approx. Contact: email raygac82 googlemail. Event Type: Convention Date: 16 May For more information: www. We greet you and hope that you are all well. We would like to thank you for your warm support and service that you offered to us and your intention to join. Our plan is to move it for next year but we want to take things one day at a time for the time being as our programme has so wisely taught us.In early the developer of RecoveryAudio a fellow alcoholic was granted access to some 14, AA recordings from a few hundred different AA Speakers.

The speakers were powerful, and some were well-known — those speakers and their recordings had to be made available to search engines so they could be indexed, found by us alcoholics, and listened to. That then inspired the developer over a 7 month process to build an AA Speaker site that not only hosted these speakers, but did so in a way that ascribed Titles, Tags, and Comments to speaker tapes based on Step, Category, or Recovery Theme. The hope is we reward the visitor with a tape that provides healing or inspiration to continue to stay sober and pursue their own spiritual path with their Higher Power.

Featuring Downloads and Custom Playlists! Search for:. Worth TX. I adore this man. He was at the first group I went. Tom N. Engaging and humorous. Lisatolbert gmail. May Dude, what has happened? None of these important talks will play anymore. Alphonso on Spiritual Power of the 12 Steps Calphonso gmail. More Recent Summaries. Download Now!Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases.

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The AA speakers app allows you to listen to recovery speakers, workshops and audio books from Alcoholics Anonymous a 12 step program whenever and wherever using simply a wifi or cellular network connection.

The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous Audio Book This app is perfect for when you cant get to a meeting, take recovery with you wherever you go! Hundreds of hours of content completely FREE! The content of this app is not being sold merely the software that plays it. Reviews Review Policy. Bug fixes.

View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Privacy Policy. See more. Step by step explanation of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous via sharing.

Narcotics Anonymous - Speakers. Jason Varughese. Map and track your road to recovery in one safe, secure and anonymous app. Dean Huff. Narcotics Anonymous Audio Tapes.

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NA Speakers - Pocket Recovery! More by Marnistek. CA Speakers Free. CA Speakers - Pocket Recovery. AA Speakers - Alcoholics. OA Speakers Free Overeaters.


OA Speakers Overeaters.Download free audiobooks in the MP3 format or play them straight via youtube. Tap on any audiobook link to expand it's mp3 tapes. Discussion 1. AA History 2. AA History 3. AA History 4. AA History 5. Doctor's Opinion 6. Doctor's Opinion 7. Doctor's Opinion 8. Bill's Story 9. Bill's Story There is a Solution Spiritual Experience More about Alcoholism We Agnostics How it Works The 3rd Step The 4th Step Freedom from Bondage The 4th Step - list of fears The 4th Step - sex list The 4th Step - list of harm The 5th Step Recovery Speakers recognizes our friends that work to help change lives.

Many of our featured guests are professionals or advocates helping to fight addiction and mental health disorders. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction or addiction in any other form, we offer resources and information to help you on the road to long-term recovery.

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Have a message that may help someone else? Need a support network?

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Comment and share your opinions, advice, or recommendations on a variety of recovery topics. Do you have a problem?

aa speakers uk

Many individuals and families are confused as to whether or not they or a loved one really need a treatment program. We offer resources and information to guide your decision. Recovery Speakers is an online community that aims to offer support, resources, and information to those affected by alcoholism, drug addiction, and addiction in any other form it takes.

We are home to the largest single online audio library of recovery talks—spanning some 70 years—and a wide range of step fellowships, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and others. We seek to give people a meeting when there are none, preserve the rich legacy and history of the 12 step fellowships, and support one another through the community created here.

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Welcome, and keep coming back. Sign up for our newsletter and receive updates on new speaker talks, blogs, recovery happenings, and notifications from our live community. The latest information on trending topics in the recovery and medical community. In keeping with the tradition of anonymity we request that you respect the information on our site, including names and content.

Contact Us. Community, resources, and solutions for those recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction. Join our Community. Featured Friends Recovery Speakers recognizes our friends that work to help change lives. Featured friends Latest. John Winslow — International Recovery Da Jan 8, Harriet Hunter — Miracles Of Recov Nov 18, Gary K Oct 29, William H.The staff at Nordic Visitor is top notch.

They helped us to create a wonderful itinerary and set up our accommodations -- which were all terrific -- car rental, detailed map with the route and all the sights clearly highlighted, plus a mobile phone for emergencies. This made the trip very easy. All of this would be expected of a good company. What made them extra special for me is that I managed to loose the detailed map on the first day of our excursion!.

I called the office from the mobile they provided, explained what happened, and they assured me they would be able to get us another map probably at our next stay. This seemed impossible given we were quite a ways from Reykjavik, but we had no other choice. We spent the day touring around, and that evening upon returning to the hotel, the receptionist hands me another map complete with all the highlighted sights etc!!. I could not believe they were able to do this. I just got back from Nordic Visitor's Express Iceland Tour, which I took with a friend.

The trip was fantastic, and Nordic Visitor was terrific. Virtually everything came off exactly as promised. They made no fuss about customizing the tour for our wishes and timing, adding two extra days of accommodations and car rental at a reasonable cost. There were two tiny glitches that they corrected immediately, and they were extremely helpful when we decided at the last minute that we wanted two separate rooms for our last two days in Reykjavik.

The tour package had great extra touches like a local cell phone and a map marked with our route, overnight stops, and suggested attractions.

It would be hard to be any happier with a tour company.

aa speakers uk

Hats off to Larus and Solveig and the rest of the great people at Nordic Visitor. Nordic Visitor made the trip idiot-proof.

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We had just done 10 days in Scotland where we were responsible for many of the arrangements. We didn't have that problem in Iceland as everything was carefully laid-out for us. It was one of the easiest international trips I've ever taken.

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We have used Nordic Visitor before and were once again impressed by the quality of the rental car and hotels. The service from Helga was termendous. Again, very happy with the service.

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